About Us

The Registered office of the Society located in State Bank, Head Office Buildings, Gunfoundry Hyderabad - 500 177.


The Aims and Objects of the Society shall be :-

  • a)  To borrow funds from members or others to be utilized for loans to members for useful purpose.
  • b)  Generally to encourage thrift, self help and cooperation among the members staff / employees.
  • c)  To mobilise savings and help its members in obtaining their credit requirements and to prepare and finance schemes for amelioration of the financial conditions of members.
  • d)  To introduce and expand educational facilities and also conduct job-oriented courses for the welfare of the employees children (State Bank) for gainful and wage employment with the approval of the competent authorities.
  • e)  To evolve, promote, manage and run any scheme or schemes for providing retirement benefits/ medical relief for the retiring members (Associate Members) from service .
  • f)   To undertake such other activities as may promote the economic interest of members and are incidental, conducive to promotion or advancement of the above objects
  • g)  To promote the interest of all its members to attain their social and economic betterment through self- help and mutual aid in accordance with the cooperative principles.