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Long Term loan :

Each member upon completion of two years of membership in the society shall be entitled to avail long term loan, subject to holding of minimum of 40 shares of Rs. 150/- each for the purpose of housing (i.e., purchase of Plot/House or for construction, completion, extension or repair of house directly or through a Cooperative Housing Society,) or other than housing (i.e., Marriage, Education, Medical, Vehicle / Consumer Loans etc.,) repayable in not more than 120 regular monthly installments or depending on the left over service, on furnishing Two acceptable sureties, who are the members of the Society and on production of evidence to the satisfaction of the Managing Committee.

i)  Sub-staff Rs. 2,00,000/-
ii) Clerical & Officers Rs. 3,00,000/-

Between the sanction of one Long Term Loan and the other the time gap should be 18 months.